Meroë site 294: Bronze Objects

Scope and Content

Image of 5 bronze objects from site 294, including (from top left) inlay designed in the shape of Khonsu; inlay representing Khuum, Lord of Hermopolis; votive plaque featuring a cartouche topped by a sun disk; inlay in the shape of a scorpion; and cartouche inlay with the name of Amun and topped with Amun's plumes and Sun Disk. Album print marked '294 M11'.

Conditions Governing Use

The digital image is copyright of the University of Liverpool.

Related Material

Reproduced as lantern slide 47 M4, entitled ‘Meroë. Bronze seals and ornaments’. Another print of this image can be found in JG/M/HA/5.


Published in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol. 2, pl. 122 labelled ‘294-106 = inscr. 6 (top left). 294-107 = inscr. 7 (top right). 294-108 = inscr.5 (bottom left). 294-109 (bottom centre). 294-110 = inscr. 8 (bottom right). Full description of the objects can be found in Török, (1997), Meroë City, Vol.1, pp.158-159.

Geographical Names