File: Cosmic rays

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Papers relating to Patrick Blackett's research on cosmic rays. Lovell had been an early collaborator of Blackett, using radar techniques to study cosmic ray showers. This proved to be an important stimulus for developing Jodrell bank as a research site. there are letters from Alan Waton, who discussed information provided to Blackett by the Japanese physicist Y Nishina (2003)George Rochester, who provided a copy of his paper Cosmic Rays of Ultra High energies" (1981), co-authored with K E Turver (Rochester was a former colleague of Lovell's) and with Raj Williamson, concerning Blackett's correspondence with Werner Heisenberg in 1938 concerning the Bhabha/Heitler theory of cosmic cray showers (Lovell investigated his own records to confirm that Blackett had changed his views on cosmic ray showers under Heisenberg's influence)..