File: Personal A.C.B. Lovell

Scope and Content

Assorted letters, including: Attempt by Bullard and Appleton to elect Smith-Rose as a FRS (Lovell supports), invitation to dinner with Minister of Supply, invitation and acceptance to attend opening of Dwingeloo radio telescope from Jan Oort, visit to Britain by Oort, trip to Leiden by Jennison and Davies, letter from Appleton on Reith lectures and "Science for its own Sake", report on Leiden trip written by Lovell for Guardian,letters from Kourganoff about visiting students, letter to Blackett about Oort's work on cosmic rays, Radar Association papers, reply to Nature about quality of candidates (due to military service), trip to Bonn, letters between Lovell, Skinner and Hanbury Brown about stellar interferometry, letter to Times about press intrusion, involvement in Granada TV programme "Youth is Asking", letter from Lord Simon about finance of telescope, letter to Renwick about H2S history. Correspondents include: D. R. Bates; E. C. Bullard; Edward Appleton; R. L. Smith-Rose (DSIR); Jan Oort (University of Leiden); V. Kourganoff; Patrick Blackett; Robert Hanbury Brown; Ernest Simon; Robert Renwick.