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The Anglo-Australian telescope was a 150inch optical telescope located at Siding Spring Observatory, New South Wales. It opened in 1974 and the telescope was built by the firm of Grubb, Parsons and Co. It was a joint venture between Australia and the UK. The astronomer royal Richard Woolley was a strong advocate of the project (he had previously been director of the Mt Stromlo Observatory in Australia), and a critic of the alternative European Southern Observatory project.

Lovell undertook extensive research in the Observatory for two articles he wrote for the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society: "The early history of the Anglo-Australian 150-inch telescope" Vol. 26 1985 and "the origin of the British enclave and the 48-inch Schmidt telescope at Siding Spring" [copes of both present].

The file comprises Lovell's extensive notes and drafts of the articles. Correspondents in the file include Hanbury brown, E G Bowen, Lord Zuckerman, M O Robins, Sir John Gorton, Michael Hoskin, R V Jones, J L Locke, harry Atkinson, Lord Todd, P Wigley, Fred Hoyle and Richard Woolley. also present are a pamphlet " View of the Universe: the story of the Anglo-Australian telescope" 91981) , a preprint, Fred Hoyle "The Anglo-Australian Telescope" August 1981 and a similar pamphlet by Hoyle issued by University College Cardiff in 1982.

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