File: Paraboloid Miscellaneous

Scope and Content

Important file of correspondence re the planning of the Mark I telescope from a very early date (1949) to 1953. Includes letter and reply from Grote Reber, notes on first design meeting (5 Jul 1950), letters to/from Metropolitan-Vickers, Bullard, Chapman & Hall Ltd, Cockburn, Blackett, Pawsey, Appleton, Lord Simon, interference from transmission lines, planning, protection against lightning, Nuffield Foundation, Stopford. Correspondents: Patrick Blackett; Grote Reber; Martin Ryle; H. C. Husband; R Davies; Robert Hanbury Brown; John Mair; Edward Bullard; Robert Cockburn; Lord Simon; J. L. Pawsey; D. C. Brice; Hugh Lecaine; H. G. Booker; E. G. Bowen; Edward Appleton; F M Sayers; Lord Woolton; John Stopford; P. I. Dee; W. M. H. Greaves; Robert Renwick; J. W. S. Dorling; W. A. Sanderson; Jan Oort; George Thomson; J. H. Hagenhuth.