File: Personal Bernard Lovell

Scope and Content

Assorted correspondence, including: Letter from Grote Reber, letters arranging meetings in America (Whipple, Berkner) for the Bursar of Manchester (Rainford) to discuss finance arrangements of telescopes there, mural for Jodrell Bank by Deborah Jones, letters to Blackett about progress of Mark I, letter from Lord Simon about Treasury, letters from Saward (at Texas Instruments), reactions to first observations using the Mark I telescope, reactions to Sputnik (Ritchie Calder, Edward Appleton), letter from Melville (DSIR) about Lovell's 'the Government treated me like a criminal' statement. Correspondents include Patrick Blackett; Deborah Jones; F A Whipple; L V Berkner; Martin Ryle; Ernest (Lord) Simon; Dudley Saward; W L Bragg; Ritchie Calder; H W Melville; Robert Maxwell; John Cockcroft.