Miscellaneous material relating to Mark I

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous papers mainly relating to the design stage of the mark 1. Includes the wind tunnel report, which led to major design change

  • Consulting Engineers Report on a proposal to erect a steerable paraboloid radio reflector at the Manchester University Experimental Station at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire" February 1951.
  • Addendum report by Husband on comparison of the tenders for electrical and mechanical driving equipment May 1956.
  • RAS Committee of Astronomy papers 1950.
  • Head Wrightson Aldean's drawings for 250 ft reflector (aluminium), 1950.
  • Design meeting papers 1950 inducing design of the control panel
  • Specification of works for structural steelwork Jan 1953.
  • National Physical laboratory Aerodynamics tests of a model of a radio telescope by W G Raymer and H L Nixon.