File: General Unclassified

Scope and Content

Assorted letters, including from Rosseland, Appleton, Central Office of Information (re photograph), Ratcliffe, the editor of Manchester Guardian, Cowling, Burrell (radio echoes from planets), Atkinson and Kopal (the Wilfred Hall Bequest), 1953 Physics Sept of TRE Newsletter, letters from Kopal from States, postcard of Mauna Kea from Grote Reber, Pawsey on a new idea (the cross telescope), Ratcliffe (RI Chistmas Lectures), UGC and Higher Education expansion, Manchester Luncheon Club (mentions local developers), DSIR (job at CERN). Some "odd". Correspondents: Svein Rosseland; Edward Appleton; J. A. Ratcliffe; T. G. Cowling; B. G. Burrell; Gordon Little; R G Smith; Zdenek Kopal; Grote Reber; J. L. Pawsey.