Correspondence Series 12

Scope and Content

The series comprises files transferred by Lovell in 2006. A number of these files were Director's files which Lovell had retained after retirement to assist with his research and publications. In many cases, Lovell has added an explanatory note about the files and in some cases added material. The files cover some significant issues including Lovell's early cosmic ray research, the Mark IA, Mark II, Mark III, and Mark IV projects, the MTRLI project, which later became MERLIN, the Fleck Committee on radio-astronomy, obituary and biographical writings on Lovell's colleagues, Lovell's radar research during the second World War, Patrick Blackett (including the very extensive work Lovell did for Blackett's Royal Society memoir), some of Lovell's later publications including Emerging Cosmology, Astronomer by Chance and Echoes of War, later book reviews and articles, and the last tranche of Lovell's miscellaneous correspondence.