Letters from Kenneth Jackson, 26 Hancock St., Lexington, Massachusetts, USA to Ifor Williams

Scope and Content

He got the official notification of the vacancy. Henry Lewis has consented to be a referee.

IW seems to have had a horrible time in the air raids. Is sorry to hear of Mrs Williams' operations. Radium treatment is marvellous these days.

Is looking forward to the Armes Prydain book, and the Mabinogi.

They do not like America, for its dreadful materialism and luxury and selfishness and irresponsibility.

Went to Cape Breton Island last Summer which has a Scotch Gaelic speaking population there and collected folk tales.

The Oxford professorship of Celtic has been announced vacant. He is intending to apply. Asks Ifor Williams if he will be a referee. He has heard nothing from Ifor Williams for six years and is doubtful whether he has offended him. He lists some of his publications since 1940