Case notes

Scope and Content

Patient case notes numbers 1-1056 (ref: HB 13/5/178-194) have been recatalogued in detail for a Wellcome Trust funded cataloguing project. The great bulk of these are not covered by data protection laws, as the patients are known to be dead. A database giving details is available on request. Requests should be sent to the NHSGG&C Archivist: Each patient case file contains a variety of different material including case notes written by doctors about patient's condition, their background and family life and details of their progress during their time spent in Gartnavel. There is often correspondence from patients to family members, correspondence between Gartnavel staff and patient’s family members, temperature graphs and blood or lab test results, and notes or drawings compiled by the patient. In some case there are staff meeting or case conference notes. This was when the patient attended a meeting with the psychiatrists in Gartnavel often led by Dr Henderson. The patient was asked a series of questions which helped the psychiatrists to make a decision on their condition and the diagnosis. The whole meeting, including the questions and answers and the discussion on the diagnosis was transcribed and typed up. If case conference notes are included along with patient case notes this is noted in the catalogue entry, along with the date of the meeting and the names of the doctors present.


Generally arranged by type, then chronologically, with the exception of one set of case notes for male patients, 1814-1816, HB13/5/195.