St Davids

Scope and Content

Comprising a signed list of participants (page 3); a copy of a map of St David's Pembrokeshire by Dr Henry Hicks, and a photograph of him (page 4); section diagram of mainland opposite to Ramsey Island (page 6); photograph of Organ rock west cliff of Ramsay Island (page 7); section diagram of trip to Ramsay Island (page 6);a photograph of a view in Ramsay Island no 31 (page 9); a sketch of those going to Ramsay Island in a small boat, by Fred Young entitled 'Ye passage of Ramsey Sound' (page 10); a description of the sketch entitled 'The petrologist pulsated or the Rocks rocked [in the cradle of the deep] by James Davis (page 10); sketch of 'view in the Clegyr Valley, a grand gorge in a secluded spot' and a poem about the day (page 12); 'recollections of the journey and the feat of war' recounting the journey made by train by William Carter (page 14-22); photograph of ruins (page 24); photograph of view of St Davids from Catherine Street (page 26); humorous sketch of participants 'Crossing the Brook' and 'Conflicting interests' (page 32); account of 'Trip to Ramsay Island' including geological features seen and a photograph of view from cliff above Twllydyllyn Ramsay Island (page 34-40); a sketch and poem 'Cruel Sport at Ramsay' about the sea-gulls, by James Davis (page 41); sketches of the group by Alfred Harker and notes by Thomas Roberts (page 42); geological notes (page 44); section diagrams seen behind Limekiln and notes (pages 46- 48); photograph of view of PorthClais (page 49); section diagram along east side of Alan Valley (page 50); photograph of view looking across Caerfai Bay from Penpleidian, no 23 (page 51); section diagrams and notes (page 52); a poem 'Y'Owle' and sketch by James R. Davis (page 53); sketches entitled 'Rounding a point under difficulties (tide rising)' and 'Palaeontological research, Castel' by Fred M. Young (page 54); account of work undertaken north-east of St. Davids collecting fossils (page 56-62); 'The alleged Archaeological Discovery' article and 'The warsong of Bryn-y-Garn' by Fred M. Young (pages 65-67); account of expedition by James R. Davis (pages 67-72); geological sketch of Llechcyhill looking East (page 68); geological sketch of great smash near Ogof Llesugn (page 70); sketch of detailed mass of conglomerate resting on Archaean and caught in great fault near Ogof Lle-sugn (page 72); geological sketch of Castell west of lower Ireginnis (page 74); geological sketch of west of Caerforiog Bridge (page 78); sketch showing slate quarries and Arenig series (page 80); a copy of the proceedings of the Geological Society of London which discussed the work undertaken at St Davids, no 435 (page 82); main points of a paper given by Archibald Geikie read before the Geological Society, March 1883 (pages 84-86); photographs of a church (pages 88-92); section diagram seen below Nun's Well (page 94); photograph of cavern of Port Clais (page 95); geological sketch of caves (page 96); details of excursion to Whitesand Bay by Harold Wills and J.B Wilson (page 97, 101); photograph of view looking towards Caerludy (page 98); section diagrams seen at intervals in the valley above St Davids following the East flank from the church school (page 100); geological sketch of Whitesand band (page 102); photograph of St David's head (page 103); diagram to show where series were in Whitesand Bay (page 104); account of collecting fossils from Plenerian beds of Porth-y-rhaw by Evan Small (page 105); section diagram seen at intervals down valley from Nine Wells to Porthy rhaw two miles south-east of St Davids (page 106); photograph of view from camp Porth-y-rhaw looking west (page 108); poem entitled 'Note on the Cambrian Conglomerate of Clegyr Valley' by the Pulsated Petrologist (page 112); detailed account of the meeting of the Geological Society, including a copy of the proceedings of the Geological Society of London, no 436 (pages 114-132).

Administrative / Biographical History

The expedition took place in April 1883 and they travelled by train. Participants included: Thomas McKenny Hughes; Henry Hicks; Thomas Roberts; Alfred Harker; Evan W.Small; Algernon Charles Gifford; Alfred John Evans; Harold Temple Wills; J.B Wilson; James R. Davis; Frederick Mortimer Young; William L. Carter; and William Stone Hensley.

  • 4th April: Ramsay Island.
  • 5th April: Lower Mill, near Porthclais
  • 9th April: excursion to Whitesand Bay, Porth Mawr (leadership of Dr Hicks).
  • 11th April: Harker, Carter, Small and Davis attend Geological Society Meeting.

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Broken leather spine, detached front board, detached cloth cover from board and losses and weak corners, detached sewing in approximately the first half of the book, and split and torn spine folds of half the gatherings. [Nicholas Burnett, Conservator].

This volume is therefore closed until conservation treatment has taken place.

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