Administration and Committees

Scope and Content

This series comprises the minute books of the club since its origins in 1880 until 1970, as well as some accounts/financial records in volumes and/or loose notes.

Administrative / Biographical History

Since its establishment the Sedgwick Club committee has included a president, secretary and treasurer. As of 2016 the club committee also includes a vice-president, treasurer, social secretary and talks officer.

The Sedgwick Club rules were set out at the first meeting and added to the first club minute book.

1.That the club should be the Sedgwick Club.

2.That the object of the club be to promote the study of geology by the reading and discussion of papers thereon.

3.That the club should consist of members only of the University of Cambridge.

4.That the number of members do not exceed ten. (altered to 12 on 1890)

5.That the officers of the club shall consist of the President and the Secretary who shall hold office for a term and be eligible for re-election.

6.That there be an election of officers at the last meeting of each term.

7.That the duty of the secretary be to announce the time and place of meeting, to keep the minutes of the proceedings and to preside in the absence of the President.

8.That the club shall hold a meeting at least once a fortnight.

9.That the time of the meeting shall be 7.30pm on a Saturday.

10.That the meetings take place in the rooms of members of the club and a paper be read by the member in whose rooms the meeting is held.

11.That the member who reads the paper may introduce a friend with the consent of the other members.

12. That no new member shall be admitted unto the club unless propsed and elected by a unanimous vote.

13. That these rules be subject to alteration and addition.


The series is arranged into two sub-series to reflect the record keeping activities of the Club

  • SGWK 1/1 Minute Books
  • SGWK 1/2 Accounts