Scope and Content

Diary account of Sedgwick Club expedition to the Boulonnais 1927, including list of members present on expedition (page 1). Details of the journey to Wimeroux and excursion to a quarry at Brequerecque in Boulogne and Mount Lambert, written by AR Edge, including a thought for the day about the ladies in the group, and photographs of club with Lille University students and Tresillian Charles Nicholas, Pierre Pruvost, and R.Dehee on Wimereux Beach (pages 2-7); details of excursion to St Josse by L. Bairstow describing the examination of sections at brickworks and at Saint-Aubin, a chalk pit at Montpourri, including photographs of Professor Dubois on the Calais raised beach, Professors Dubois and Pruvost searching for Lepidosteus and Professor Dubois, Professor Pruvost, TC Nicholas and Mr Dehee at St Josse, and a thought for the day about Albert Brighton’s interest in chalk (pages 5-11); Frederick William Shoton’s account of excursion to locations near Wissant to collect fossils and examine beaches, including Cap Blanc Nez Wissant and including photographs of the deputy-mayor of Lille and Professor Pruvost (pages 12-15); details of excursion to Cape Griz Nez beach by JA Hunt, inspecting the geology surrounding the lighthouse, with visits to Belledale Farm and Tardinghen for pancakes (pages 17-19); details of excursion to examine exposures at Wimereux beach and Boulogne by EA Lowe, including thought for the day about Professor Pruvost (pages 20-22); details of excursion from Boulogne to Samer examining limestone and Kimmeridge clays on route, and the Paradise Quarry (pages 27-31); details of excursion to Le Wast examining a quarry behind a railway station known as Le Pichottes, photograph of KMH Chapman, ML Hope and KMN Paterson, and details of visit to overgrown clay pit and to Souverain-Moulin. (pages 33-37); description of excursion to Caffiers examining chalks and shales by KMH Chapman, including a poem by M.Guirard and signed by Lille University students who attended the excursions, and unidentified photograph entitled ‘the inspirer of limericks’ (pages 39-45); description of excursion from Haut-Banc to Marquise visiting quarries including a club photograph taken on the last night (page 48); and sketches of Louis XI, or the Monk by Renee Dehee and Maurice Black, and ‘The Abbe’ by Maurice Black.

Administrative / Biographical History

April 7th-April 16th 1927. Led by Professor Pierre Pruvost (Lille University) with the assistance of Professor Dubois (Lille) and M.Delee (Lille). Headquarters: Wimeroux, Pas-de-Calais, Hotel de la Plage. Members of club in attendance: Participants: Tressilian Charles Nicholas; Albert Brighton; H.D Thomas; Maurice Black; N.L Falcon; O.A Jones; J.V.L Rennie; M.L Hope; K.M.H Chapman; K.M.N Paterson; A.R Edge; L Bairstow; C.H Bacon; J.A Soloman; J.A Hunt; J.L Foster; E.A Lowe; Frederick William Shotton.

  • Thursday April 7th: Victoria (UK), Boulogne, Wimeroux, Pas-de-Calais, Mont Lambert.
  • Friday April 8th: Etaple, St Josse.
  • Saturday April 9th: Cap Blanc Nez Wissant, Escalles, France.
  • Sunday April 10th: Free morning, Cape Griz Nez beach.
  • Monday April 11th: Wimereux Cliffs with students from Lille University.
  • Sunday April 12th: Boulogne, Samer.
  • Monday April 13th: Le Wast, Souverain-Moulin.
  • Tuesday April 14th: Caffiers to Marquise, Ferques.
  • Wednesday April 15th: Haut-Banc, Marquise.

Geographical Names