Scope and Content

Comprising signed list of participants (page 1); photograph of the group leaving the Camp Inn and dried flowers (page 3); photograph of the east end of Malver Priory (page 4); photograph of the Malverns from Purlieu Lane and from Camp Hill (page 5); dried flowers (page 7); photographs at Broad Down, near Clutteris Cave, at work on a windy day, and Dr Edwin Arthur Peters smoking a pipe (page 8); account of excursion from Camp Inn to Broad Down, Clutter's Cave and Swinyard Hill by T.F Bryant (page 9); photographs of the party on excursion in Purlieu (6) (page 10); account of excursion to east side of the Malverns and the Purlieu coppice, including list of fossils collected (page 11); photographs of party taking lunch in Purlieu Lane (3); description of excursion to Knightwick including section diagrams and a description of Worcester Cathedral (page 13); telegrams concerning cricket scrores between Oxford and Cambrdge (page 14); account of expedition to Wyche and Paulieu Lane by A.G Tawsley, and a letter from H.D Ackland (page 15); telegrams concerning Oxford cricket scores (pages 16-18); account of excursion to Whitehead Oak by Edwin Arthur Peters (page 17); a letter from A.H Green (page 19); photograph of Archean quarry, Holly Bush Hill (page 20); a memorandum from D.B Coldwell (page 21); photographs of excursion to Knightwick including taking lunch and the railway line (5) (page 22); account of excursion to north Malverns by K.L Reynolds, and list of fossils (page 23); photographs of quarry east of white leaved oak (2) (page 24); photographs of Ragged Stone Hill (6) (page 25); photographs of members of the party including the photographers (6) (page 27); account of excursion to a resevoir and Hangman's Hill by Sidney Hugh Reynolds (page 29); account of expedition to West Malverns by E.M.R Wood (page 31); photograph of a window in St Margarets Chapel, Ledbury Church (page 32); photograph of old houses near the Church, Ledbury (page 33); section diagrams of quarry in Wenlock limestone east of upper hall, Ledbury (page 34); account of excursion to Ledbury including description of the Church, and details of fossils collected from Wenlock Limestone and Lower Ludlow (page 35); photographs of the Wyche from Jubilee road and Ballards quarry (page 36); photograph of Wyche cutting (page 37); photographs of Estnor Castle (page 39); lists of photographs taken by members of the excursion (page 49); letter from Elizabeth Dale regarding lists of flowers (page 50); list of flowers collected (page 51); letter from R.L Reynolds regarding camera shots at Malvern (page 53); and Tudor House hotel and Warners horse brakes and char-a-bancs pamphlets (page 55).

Administrative / Biographical History

Participants included: Professor Thomas McKenny Hughes; Mary Caroline Hughes; Edwin Arthur Peters; W.H Banks; E.G Philipps; Sidney Hugh Reynolds; T.F Bryant; M.A Marshall; E.M.R Wood; E.G Skeat; Margaret Crossfield; Harry Brownewood; A.M Seyant; Elizabeth Dale; Clara M. Dale; K.L Reynolds; A.G Tawsley; E.M Corbett; N.Hamilton; Gertrude Elles; A.H Green; Dorothy Alford; and Margaret Alford.

  • Monday June 27th 1892: Camp Inn. Broad Down.
  • Tuesday June 28th 1892: East side of the Malverns and the Purlieu coppice.
  • Wednesday June 29th 1892: Knightwick and Worcester Cathedral.
  • Thursday June 30th 1892: Wyche, Paulieu Lane, Colwall Coppice, Brockhill Coppice.
  • Friday July 1st 1892: Whitehead Oak.
  • Saturday July 2nd 1892: North Malverns.
  • Monday July 4th 1892: Reservoir and Hangmans Hill.
  • Tuesday July 5th 1892: West Malvern.
  • Wednesday July 6th 1892: Ledbury.

Geographical Names