Scope and Content

Mostly comprising photographs. Including cuttings relating to the Ilfracombe Hotel; letters from H.R Groves, general Manager 1887-8 (2); pamphlet extract of the annual report made to the Ilfracombe Urban Sanitary Authority by Edwyn Slade-King, 1886; a hand-drawn map of the area covered by the expedition; a signed list of participants; a British Association for the Advancement of Science map from the Exeter meeting, 1869; an Ordnance Survey map of Devon; hotel tariff information; a photograph of the hotel and beach (page 2); list of molluscs taken in the neighbourhood of Ilfracombe (page 3 insert); account of excursion including fossils collected from Capel Pit Quarry (page 3 insert); photographs of views taken from sea-walls in front of the hotel by Mr Garwood (page 3); excursion account to Combe Martin and a geological cross-section diagram (page 4 insert); photograph of Combe Martin Bay (page 4); account of expedition to Capel Pit quarry including list of fossils found (page 5 insert); account of visit to Parish Church and excursion to Lee; limerick and sketch of Max Lohest; photograph of Lee (page 6); photograph of folded band of Encrinital Limestone, mens bathing cove (page 7 insert); account of excursion to Ladies Cove, including mention of a lecture by Mr Townshend Hall and a geological section diagram seen north of the tunnels west of Ilfracombe; a list of shells and plants found and collected; a photograph of Captone; and photographs of Ladies Bathing Cove (page 7); details of excursion to Hagginton Beach, details of Combe Martin Church by Mary Caroline Hughes, sketches of Mr Staines and features from Combe Martin Church, a list of shells found on Hagginton beach (page 8 insert); photographs of the view from Haggington looking west (2) (page 8); a published pamphlet of British marine shells with annotations recording those collected by the party in the neighbourhood of Ilfracombe (page 9); a photograph of the ground plan of Morte Slates, Barracombe Beach, account of expedition to Braunton and Saunton, granite boulder diagrams, and limericks (page 10); account of expedition to Lynton and sketch entitled 'Coaching in Geology' (page 11); sectional diagram and account of expedition to Hele Bay (page 12 insert); telegram informing the club that Cambridge had won the Oxford and Cambridge boat-race (page 12); section diagram of top cliff south of Saunton Down and notes (page 13); limericks and poems (page 14); details of excursions to Francis Quarry, Bittadon, and Muddyford, and diagram of quarries in Baggy beds (page 15); a sketch of a specimen picked up on the beach below the Ilfracombe Hotel by Mary Caroline Caroline Hughes (page 16); sketch of great and little Hangman looking east (page 17); sketch of Saunton beach (page 18); details of excursion to Combe Martin and the Hangmans, including sketch of section in cliff Hagginton Beach (page 19); copy of a photograph of Reverend Mules from the Half Way House in Bittadon (page 20); photographs of Ilfracombe Harbour and Ilfracombe (page 21); photographs of images below the Capstone, and Ilfracombe with Lantern Hill and the Capstone (page 22); photographs of Lantern Hill from the Capstone, and Lantern Hill (page 23); photograph of folded band of Limestone over cave-bathing cove, and folded limestone band west of bathing cove (page 24); photographs of quarry vein bathing cove (2) (page 25); photograph of beach illustrating formation of mountain folds (page 26); photograph of contorted quarry veins west of bathing coves, and Soibys fold (page 27); photograph of folded band of limestone, Hele Bay and Hillsborough from Hagginton beach (page 28); unidentified image (page 29); sketch of group around a fire entitled 'making the best of it' at Ty-Obrey (page 30 insert); photograph of party taking lunch above Hagginton beach and West Combe Martin (page 30); beach photographs (page 31); photographs of folds in the rock and a fault, Combe Martin Road (page 32); photograph of rocks near Combe Martin (page 33); photographs of beach and view from Barracombe bay (page 34); photograph of a ship near Combe Martin (page 35); photograph of view from Babbacombe (page 36); a poem about Professor McKenny Hughes entitled 'The Lay of Ilfracombe', and cuttings including one about the climate of Ilfracombe (page 37 insert); photographs of a street in Saunton, the party taking lunch in a cave in the 'raised beach', and a beach scene (page 38); photographs of Muddyford (2) (page 39); and photographs of party with horse and cart in Bittadon, and a view near Muddyford village (page 40).

Administrative / Biographical History

Participants included: Thomas McKenny Hughes; Mary Caroline Hughes; Max Lohest; Laura Russell Howell; Dorothy Alford; Arthur Dufton; George Adolphus Schott; B.H Taylor; Marie Wilman; J. Roberts; S.J Dufton; Alfred Harker; Edith Isabel Firth; William Harland Banks; R.J Tomlin; Sidney Hugh Reynolds; A.G Carp; Geoffrey Slowach; Harold J.Wills; Howard J.Wills; Howard Staines; John Edward Marr; N.J.E Binnie; Harold Wilson; Beatrice Selwyn; Ellie E. H; E.J Garwood. Other guests staying at the Ilfracombe hotel (listed in newspaper publication) included:

  • Miss Gardiner
  • Miss Frith
  • Miss Earp
  • Mr Sedgwick
  • Mr Day
  • Mr Reynolds
  • Mr and Mrs Nainby and family
  • Mr and Mrs Moir
  • Mr Booth
  • Miss Pleace
  • Mr J.B Henderson

  • Thursday 17th March: General excursion of the area and its fossils.
  • Friday 18th March: Excursion to Combe Martin.
  • Saturday 19th March: Capel Pit.
  • Sunday 20th March: Parish Church. Excursion to Lee.
  • Monday 21st March: Excursion to Ladies Cove. Lecture by Mr Townshend Hall. Some of party went to Hillsborough.
  • Tuesday 22nd March: Excursion to Hagginton Beach, Hale Bay.
  • Wednesday 23rd March: Braunton, Saunton.
  • Thursday 24th March: Lynton.
  • Friday 25th March: Hele Bay.
  • Saturday 26th March: Saunton.
  • Monday 28th March: Francis Quarry, Bittadon, Muddyford (passing Pickwell Down Sandstone).
  • Tuesday 29th March: Saunton.
  • Wednesday 30th March: Combe Martin, Little Hangman, Great Hangman

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This volume is currently closed due to its extremely fragile nature.

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Spine severely damaged; loose pages with foxing and possible water damage; photographs fading and discoloration. [Conservation postgraduate student assessment, 2011]

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