Church Stretton

Scope and Content

Mainly comprising diary entries for the excursion. Including photograph of the leader, Gertrude Elles and President, Mr Welling (inside cover); signed list of participants and photograph (page 1); painted geological sketch map of Church Stretton district, 1911 (page 2); postcards of Longmyd Hotel and Caradoc, Carding Mill Valley and entrance to Carding Mill Valley, lightspout waterfall, and view of Church Stretton (pages 2-6); hand drawn section of Carding Mill Valley (page 8); diary index (page 9); account of walk on day of arrival (page 10); details of visit to Carding Mill Valley including view of Brockenhurst Shales (page 11); postcards of Church Stretton, Carding Mill Valley, 1919 (page 12); inserted list of notes concerning Long Mynd succession (page 13); photographs of fossil hunting in Little Stretton and postcard of Ashes Valley and Ragleth, Church Stretton (page 14); group of excursion participants (page 17); details of visit to a quarry which included glacial sands and boulder clay and Hough’s Coppice which had aymestry limestone exposures (page 17); list of fossils collected (page 17); photograph of group members hunting for fossils in aymestry limestone (page 18); details of a visit to Cromley quarry where a section of lower Cambrian rocks was examined (page 19-20); photographs of Gertrude Elles in Compley quarry (pages 20, 22); details of rock specimens collected at Cromley quarry (page 21); a section diagram across Little Caradoc (page 22); details about the geology of Little Caradoc where specimens of Dolorite were collected (page 23); section diagram and sketch maps of Caer Caradoc (page 24); details of climb to summit of Caer Caradoc where specimens of the Uriconian Lavas were collected (page 25); photographs of group on the aymestry limestone and on Caer-Ceradoc, and several unidentified people (5) (pages 26-28); details of visits to quarries and then onto Hope Bowlder village and Sondley Quarry where a number of fossils were found, including photographs and sketches, and onto Tickleton Brook (page 29-41); account and photograph of the solar eclipse 8th April 1921 (page 42-43); details of excavation in Goughs Coppice and Woodgate Quarry, including photograph of Gertrude Elles (page 43-45); details of Cardington Brook working on broken shales and a small exposure in the stream (page 46); section diagram south-west end of Caer Caradoc (page 48); details of visit to Craven Arms and examination of local quarries (pages 51-53); photographs of members of the group having lunch (page 52-53); section diagram of areas covered (page 54); details of a visit to Stokesay Castle, country house (page 55); details of excursions to Stiperstones ridge and Marsh Wood quary and (page 59); details of excursion to study the uppermost part of the Silurian exposed in the quarries and cliffs on the banks of the river Teme (page 63); sketch map of Ludlow and Downton Castle District (page 64); details of the Ludlow succession (page 65); details of excursion to Dinham Bridge (page 67); list of fossils identified (page 71); classic section Whitecliffe Road (Ludford Lane) (page76); chemical analysis of Dolerite supplied by the Clee Hill Granite Company, including details of the materials examined (page 79-81). Also including a typed programme for the Church Stretton excursion.

Administrative / Biographical History

Easter 1921, April 4th-13th. Headquarters at Sandford House, Church Stretton. Miss Gertrude Lilian Elles; F.E Welling; E. Catherine Hendman; S.E Hollingsworth; R.A Baldry; L.R Cox; J.W Weil; Gwendolen E Coit; Kathleen Smith; H Hemmings; M.P Latter; C.M Pollock; J.E Lawton-Johnston; M.E Gibbs; Orlando Bridgeman; J.E.A Whealler.

  • Monday April 4th: Arrival.
  • Tuesday April 5th: Longmyd.
  • Wednesday April 6th: Caen Caradoc.
  • Thursday April 7th: Hope Bowdler, Sondley.
  • Friday April 8th: Strettan Valley and Candington.
  • Saturday April 9th: Cray River.
  • Sunday April 10th: Stephenstones.
  • Monday April 11th: Ludlow and Clee Hill.
  • Tueday April 12th: Downton Castle.

Geographical Names