Bristol District

Scope and Content

Comprising an envelope with the name of the Sedgwick Club Excursion Prize Essay winner in it (awarded to Francis Hereward Edmunds) (page 1); group photograph (page 2); details of visit to University Museum of Natural Sciences, Bristol where Dr Wallis explained the geological relief map of the Bristol District to the group (page 3); photographs of section in quarry, on the left bank of Avon Gorge depicting Canina Dolomote and bedding plane (2), (page 4); details of visit to bank of River Avon and quarrys visited (pages 5-8); details of bus trip to visit Brinkmarsh quarry, Rifle Cottage quarry, Brook Farm quarry, Damey quarry, Cullinous quarry, and Sodbury quarry where Carboniferous Limestone, Old Red Sandstone, and Llandovery Fossils were seen. Details of visit to the Celestine quarry, used in sugar refining processes and in the manufacturing of fireworks (pages 12-22); section drawing of Portishead Dock Station (page 23); details of a visit to Portishead rock quarry to view sections of Carboniferous, Upper Triassic, Dolomitic Conglomerate and Pennant Sandstone (page 24); photographs of a reversed fault at the right bank of the Avon, and Syncline and Anticline on Foreshore near Battery Point (2) (page 25); details of Battery Point (page 26); section drawing south-west from Battery Point (page 27); photograph of fold in Carboniferous series at Portishead, showing steeples limb of fold to the north due to pressures from the south (page 27); section drawing of cliff, west of Woodhill Bay (page 29); photograph of Dolomitic Conglomerate at Woodhill Bay depicting the line of unconformity (page 31); description of Weston Big Quarry (page 32); plan of country north north east of Clevedon depicting limestone ridge (page 33); photograph of Gluvine Basalt interbedded in Carboniferous limestone at Spring Cove and cross section depicting oolite, basalt, and agglomerate (page 35); description of study of Carboniferous igneous rocks in the neighbourhood of Weston Super Mare (page 36-44); section drawings of Western most exposure of volcanic series at middle Hope (page 39); photographs of Igneous rocks at Woodspring Cove (2) Tuffs and Laphili and boulders of County rock, and pipe rock at Woodspring (pages 41-43); description of trip to Burlington Combe and the Cheddar Gorge (page 36); description of a rock known as the ‘rock of ages’ where religious meetings took place (page 48); details of specimens collected (page 48-50); photographs of Cheddar Gorge including the group in the valley leading to the gorge (2) and group drinking from the Eastern Twin Stream (pages 49-51); details of rock quarry where a rock fall occurred in 1906 (page 56); and details of a tour through Cox’s cave (page 58).

Administrative / Biographical History

Easter Vacation 1922. Headquarters St Vincent Rocks Hotel, Clifton, Bristol. Participants: Professor Sidney Hugh Reynolds; Miss Gertrude Elles; MP Lake; Francis Herward Edmunds.

  • Monday 13th March: University Museum of Natural Sciences, Bristol and visit to left bank of River Avon.
  • Wednesday 15th March: Whitfield, Brinkmarsh Quarry, Rifle Cottage Quarry, Brook Farm Quarry, Damey Quarry, Cullinous Quarry, Lilliput Bridge, Sodbury Quarry, Tate.
  • Thursday 16th March: Portishead and Clevedon, Weston Big Quarry.
  • Friday 17th March: Weston Super Mare.
  • Saturday 18th March: Burrington Combe and Cheddar Gorge.
  • Tuesday 21st March: Radstock, Welto- Brinces Lodge Quarry, Bowldish Quarry, Clandown Hill Quarry, Clandown Colliery, Radstock Grove Quarry.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Slight abrasion to notebooks, some warping of papers, loose photographs, and some ink damage and worn corners/edges. [Conservation Student Assessment, 2011].


Professor Sidney Hugh Reynolds ‘A Geological Excursion Handbook for the Bristol District’ London, JW Arrowsmith Ltd, 1921.

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