Scope and Content

Comprising group photograph of members (identified) (page 2); photo of Queen Hotel, Dolywern (page 3); photo of Mr Lake (page 4); details of groups arrival (page 5); notes on excursion to Glyn Village and a quarry, including images of quarry in Glyn Grit on hill to east of Glyn village, Coed-y-Glyn showing rugged cliff of Craig-y-Pandy ash, group photograph in the Craig-y-Pandy ash quarry at Cae Deicws (pages 5-12); account of excursion to Glyn and Denbrightshire slate quarries, including photograph of quarry in Keratophyre, Coed-y-Glyn and group image at Dolhir beds, Tyn-y-Twnpath (page 13-17); notes about visit to Bryn, Ty-Nant and Craig-y-Pandy ash, including photographs of a tornado wrecked plantation and of some of the group throwing hammers (pages 18-22); details of excursion to Llangollen including photographs of limestone escarpment, glacial features of the Dee Valley, club members, features of the upper parts of the valley, boulder clay resting upon terraces of the Carboniferous Limestone, Carboniferous limestone escarpment, and current-bedding in oolite form of the carboniferous limestone (pages 23-29); details of a rest day including visit to Doltive beds above Glyn including photographs of different members of the group (5) (pages 30-31); details of excursion to beds along Ceiriog falls including a photograph of Lower Ceiriog Falls depicting the hard ash and Teir beds, and Upper Ceiriog Falls (pages 32-35); details of excursion, under the leadership of Gertrude Elles, to Bala and Gelli Grin to examine rocks, including photographs of Gertrude Elles, R.du B. Evans, Horas T Kennedy, James Wordie, and Raymond Priestley (pages 36-42); detail of last days work assisting the Geological survey members map the Glyn Ceiriog dolerite sill, and collecting fossils from the limestone (Carboniferous) quarries above Castle Mill, including photograph of Coed-y-Glyn Sill-Glyn Ceiriog (pages 43-44). Also including general remarks about the expedition including details of the weather, headquarters, and music (pages 45-46); photograph of the Night Express train leaving Dolywern (page 47); a song composed by Huw Thomas Ceiriog sung to the tune of ‘Blow away the morning dews’ (pages 48-50); photographs of R.du B. Evans, group picture, and the ‘survey nobs’ (pages 51-52); and a printed photograph of the headquarters, The Queen Hotel, Dolywern.

Administrative / Biographical History

April 14th-23rd April 1914. The club stayed at Queen Hotel, Dolywern. Participants included: Philip Lake; H.H Thomas; A.B Taylor; P.Evans; S.Shaw; E.W Gardner; William Bernard Robinson King; Raymond Edward Priestley; Horas Tristram Kennedy; G.B Barbour; Tresillian Charles Nicholas; Miss Gertrude Elles; R. du B. Evans; Miss A.B Dale; L.J Wills; F.K Rolland; Miss M.Imison; A.Grant.

  • Tuesday 14th April: Arrival at Dolywern.
  • Wednesday 15th April: Glyn Village, quarry.
  • Thursday 16th April: Glyn, quarries of Denbrightshire Slate quarries.
  • Friday 17th April: Bryn, Ty-nant and Craig-y-pandy ash.
  • Saturday 18th April: Llangollen.
  • Sunday 19th April: Rest, sleep and food.
  • Monday 20th April: Ceiriog Falls.
  • Tuesday 21st April: Bala.
  • Wednesday 22nd April: Assisting the survey in mapping Glyn Ceiriog, and quarries above Castle Mill.

Geographical Names