Scope and Content

Comprising list of excursions undertaken (page 1); signed list of those in attendance (page 2); account of first expedition to Murton Fell by William Carter including a sketch with limerick entitled 'Him', section diagrams, and sketches (pages 4-10); account of second excursion to River Eden and Hoff Beck (pages 11-13); account of third excursion to Ullswater and Penrith including ink sketches and a photograph of Lake Ullswater (pages 14-17); details of fourth excursion to Roman fell and Highcap gill including a picture of a bird worshipped by Applebeians (pages 18- 20); account of fifth excursion to Warcop by A.F Griffifth (page 21); account of sixth excursion to Keisley quarries by W.L Carter (pages 22-23); account of seventh excursion to Burrells Crosby Fell by Thomas Roberts including a poem by A.F Griffith (page 24-27); account of eighth excursion to Swindale Beck including a poem with sketches (pages 30-33); account of ninth excursion to Pusgill Keisley (pages 28-29, 34); details of tenth excursion to Hilton Beck Roman Fell (pages 36-37); account of eleventh excursion to the drainage works and published account of thirteenth excursion to Penrith; section drawings (pages 44-46); photograph of man fishing, not dated (back of scrapbook); and a copy of the ABC railway guide map of Great Britain, 1882.

Administrative / Biographical History

Participants included: Thomas McKenny Hughes; A.F Griffith; Alfred Harker; Alfred Pease; G.W Butler; William Lower Carter; Thomas Roberts; William Whitehead Watts; J.M Young; and John Edward Marr.

List of expeditions is given in the front of the scrapbook:

  • 1st Expedition,Wednesday 29th March. Murston Fell.
  • 2nd Expedition, Thursday 30th March. River Eden and Hoff
  • Beck.
  • 3rd Expedition, Friday 31st March. Ullswater.
  • 4th Expedition, Saturday 1st April. Roman Fell and Highcliff Gill.
  • 5th Expedition, Sunday 2nd April.
  • 6th Expedition, Monday 3rd April. Keisley.
  • 7th Expedition, Tuesday 4th April. Burrells Crosby Fell.
  • 8th Expedition, Wednesday 5th April. Swindale Beck.
  • 9th Expedition, Thursday 6th April. Pusgill Keisley bis.
  • 10th Expedition, Friday 7th April. Hilton Beck Roman Fellbis.
  • 11th Expedition, Satturday 8th April. Drainage Works.
  • 12th Expedition, Sunday 9th April 13th. Expedition.
  • 13th Expedition, Monday 10th April. Penrith Literary Society.

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Fragile, please ask staff for assistance if required.

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