Scope and Content

Mostly comprising photographs taken by William Hartland Banks, Mabel Taylor, Sidney Reynolds and Michael Potter. Comprising unidentified photograph of male by Walter Henry and Allen Hastings Fry photographers; photograph of Torquay and Wood Temperance Hotel (pages 1-3); signed list of excursion participants (page 4); photograph of beach (page 5); published map of Torquay from Park Hill (page 6); photographs of Torbay from Southwood and Waldon Hill from Torre Abbey (page 7); correspondence from Edward Beverie Luxmoor with a proposed excursion itinerary, March 1888; and Arthur Hunt which includes geological observations (insert page 8); copy of a resolution note from the Torquay Natural History Society explaining that the Sedgwick club are permitted free access to the society's museum (page 8); photographs of Lummaton (pages 9-12); account of expedition to Barton and section diagram by Mary Hughes (insert page 10); photograph of quarry in middle Devonian Limestone and Lummaton (page 11); a list of Torquay names (insert page 12); photograph of West End of Meadfoot Bay (page 13); account of expedition towards The Knoll, Meadfoot, and Kilmorie including section diagrams by Mary Caroline Hughes (insert page 14); watercolour sketch of Shag Rock, and photograph of Shag Rock, off Meadfoot (page 14); photographs of The Thatcher from Meadfoot Beach and below Daddy Hole Plain near Shag rock (page 15); photograph of Thunder Hole, and Thunder Hole and Shag rock (page 16); photograph of sunset Meadfoot and Mr and Mrs Hughes at Meadfoot (page 17); photograph of Pleurodictyuum Beds at Meadfoot, and party having lunch at Meadfoot (page 18); account of expedition to Hope's nose (insert page 20); photograph of raised beach at Hope's nose and watercolour sketch by Miss A. Whidborne, including sample of dried Crishmum maritimum (Samphire) (pages 19-20); photograph of cliff near Hope's Nose and raised beach at Hope's Nose (page 21); list of seaweed found on the coast between Babbacombe on the north and Saltern Cove on the south (insert page 22); dried specimens of Sertularia and Asplenium Marinum (page 22); photographs of contortions at Hopes nose (page 23); a limerick about R.H Solly and John Edward Marr by Alfred Mond (insert page 24); photographs of the west side of Hope's nose and raised beach (5) (pages 24-25); a list of shells collected from Thatcher raised beach (insert page 26); photograph of Hope's nose and Thatcher Rock (page 26); a photograph of William Pengelley, the entrance to Kent's cavern, and stalactites in Kents cavern (page 27); an account of an expedition to the Natural History Museum and Kents cavern, including a sketch of a lion skull in the museum (insert page 28); group photographs outside Kents cavern (page 28); photographs of Anstey's cove looking east and showing sandstone dykes in Limestone (7) (pages 29-32); photographs of Anstey' cove and New Cut (page 33); photograph of Oddicombe Beach (page 34); account of expedition from Brixham to Mudstone Bay with sketches and section diagram by Mary Caroline Hughes (page 36 insert); photographs of New Cut, and Boulder of Granite dredged up by trawlers (page 36); photographs of Brixham including Breakwater and fish market (pages 37-38); photographs of the coast and two cross dykes of New Red Sandstone in Devonian Sandstone (page 39); photographs of contorted cleavage in Devonian shale, and of the expedition party at Mudstone Bay (page 40); a local newspaper cutting of the Torquay times, and photographs of Houndtor, Dartmoor and Blackingstone Rock by W.Widger (2); a letter from A.R Hunt with details about the maps sent for the expedition group to use, an account by Alfred Mond of expedition to Dartmoor, and a list of fungi found in Lustleigh Wood (insert page 42); a copy of a poem from Robert Ludwig Mond (insert page 43); photograph of Bourman's Nose, Dartmoor (page 43); article from the Western Morning news about a lecture concerning Dartmoor (page 44); photographs of the bovey, Thomas McKenny Hughes at Lustleigh, and a scenic picture (page 45); a poem entitled 'Our right little, tight little Island' by John Edward Marr; photograph of Foxworthy Bridge, Dartmoor and a bridge at Lustleigh Cheave (page 46); photographs of the group and scenery at Foxworthy (pages 47-48); photograph of Foxworthy, and burning gorse at Lustleigh Cleave (page 49); poem entitled 'The Devonian System' by Robert Ludwig Mond and telegrams concerning sport and the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race (insert page 50); photographs of the Bovey and the group taking lunch at Dartmoor (page 50); photographs of granite near Mannerton, Dartmoor (2) (page 51); account of expedition to Petitor by Robert Ludwig Mond and section diagrams by Mary Caroline Hughes, account of excursion to Chudleigh district by John Edward Marr, watercolour maps, diagramatic section drawings and list of heights in Dartmoor and Chudleigh (insert page 52); photographs of party on the Bovey and Bowerman's nose (page 52); photograph of Torquay Habour from near St. Johns (page 53); a poem entitled 'They were seven by Worthless Words', and a list of capitalized values at the Pavillion Hotel Torquay (insert page 54); photograph of Torquay from the South (page 54); photograph of New Red Sandstone with Beckites, Livermead (page 55); account of expedition to Babbacombe Down (insert page 56); photographs of fault in Trias near Torquay Station (2) (page 56); photographs of Paignton Head South and Upper Paignton showing a false bedded Sandstone (page 57); photograph of Livermead (page 58); section diagrams as seen in quarry above Harbour Paignton, and seen in Saltern Cove, and account of expedition entitled 'Brixham detachment' (insert page 58); photograph of Robert Ludwig Mond, Hayward and other unidentified individuals outside the door of the Pavillion Hotel, Torquay (page 60); photographs depicting the unconformity of the new red sandstone on Devonian Saltern Cove (2) (page 61); a nursery rhyme and account of expedition to Saltern Cove (insert page 62); photograph of Babbacombe (page 62); photograph of group taking lunch above Babbacombe (page 64); letter from Arthur Hunt (page 65); photographs of party on the beach and of igneous rocks at Babbacombe (pages 66-67); account of excursion to Babbacombe bay and beach combing (insert page 68); a watercolour image of Babbacombe, and a photograph of The Tolmen on the Teign (page 68); photograph of Chapel Hill limestone and Mica Schist off Salcombe (page 69); details of Phamerogams in flower and other specimens (insert page 69); photographs of Ilsham Farm (page 70); photographs of beaver and wolf bones from Kents Cavern (page 71); photograph of Mr Arthur Hunt (page 72); photographs of flint implements located in Kents Cavern and Torre Abbey sands (4) (pages 73-74); photographs of Elbury Cove (3) (pages 75-76); list of photographs taken by William Hartland Banks [some are in an envelope] (page 78); and letters from George Ferris Whidborne about the publication of a paper, 1888 (2).

Administrative / Biographical History

Participants included: Mabel M. Taylor; Laura Russell Howell; E. Havley Hayward; John T. Kemp; Sidney Hugh Reynolds; J.H Burn; Robert Selby Morrell; Maria Wilman; A.A Browne; Richard Harrison Solly; John Edward Marr; Edith Isabel Firth; Robert Ludwig Mond; Margaret M Smith; Thomas Roberts; J.G Roberts; Gerard Charles Taylor; M. Hardie; M.Bevington; A.G Gibbon; R.H Bevan; William Hartland Banks; W.L Reynolds; Charles Marsh; Ernest Evans; J.Todd; Alfred M Mond; Beatrice Taylor; Thomas Theodore Groom; Edwin Arthur Peters; William Pengelly; Michael Potter; Mary Caroline Hughes; George Ferris Whidborne; William Augustus Edmond Ussher; and Arthur R. Hunt.

  • Saturday March 17th 1888: Quarry in Barton
  • Monday March 19th 1888: Daddy Hole plain, Villa Syracusa, The Knoll, Meadfoot Sand, Kilmorie.
  • Tuesday March 20th 1888: Hopes nose.
  • Wednesday March 21st 1888: Torquay Natural History Museum, Kent’s Cavern.
  • Thursday March 22nd 1888: Brixham to Mudstone Bay.
  • Friday March 23rd 1888: Dartmoor.
  • Saturday March 24th 1888: Babbacombe and Petitor.
  • Monday 26th March 1888: Brixham, Saltern Cove.
  • Tuesday 27th March 1888: Babbacombe Bay, igneous rocks.

Access Information

This volume is currently closed due to its extremely fragile nature.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Spine broken, heavy foxing and discoloration, loose pages and some serious fading of photographs, worn covers and loose plant samples. [Conservation postgraduate student assessment, 2011]

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