Isle of Man

Scope and Content

Including signed list of participants (page 1a); train timetables for Isle of Man railways, 1893 (page 1); leaflet for Falcon Nests Hotel and photograph of veins in schist near biological stations Port Erin and sample of dried flowers (page 3); photographs of Bradda Head and Breakwater, yachts in Port Erin Harbor, Derby Harbour, and contortions in Port Erin Harbour (6) (pages 4-5); photograph of Bradda head and sunsets (3) (pages 6-7); photographs of Treen Chapel St Michaels Island Langness and natural arch in conglomerate (page 8); account of excursion towards Langness by MC Crosfield, including examination of a quarry and Castletown Bay, and a sketch of the arches at Langness (page 9); photographs of the arches of Langness, the stark of Scarlet, skiddaw slate, and rocks near scarlet point (5) (pages 10-11); photograph of Castletown from Scarlet Point (page 12); account of excursion to Castletown and Scarlet Point by Sidney Hugh Reynolds (page 13); photographs of rocks south of Port Erin Harbor and Port Erin Harbour (page 14); account of excursion to Ballasalla and Athol Bridge by Thomas McKenny Hughes, including George Lamplughs views on the mapping of the area, details of conglomerate and limestone examined, lists of fossils recovered, details of visit to quarries and Silverburn, the white quartz conglomerate, and maps, sketches and dried Caucalis nodosa (page 15); photograph of Skiddaw slates on the east coast of Langness (page 16); photographs of group on South Barrule (3) (page 18); account of excursion to South Barrule Hill by Ethel Wood; photographs of Tynwald Tent (6) (pages 20-21) photograph of Peel Castle (page 22); photograph of Castle Rushan (page 22); account of excursion to Pool-Vash with descriptions of specimens and raised beaches examined, and sketches (page 23); photographs of the group fossil hunting at Pool-Vash (3) (page 23); photographs of Tynwald Hill and Spanish head (pages 26-27); photographs of the Stack at Scarlet Point (2) (page 28); poem called ‘ode to a cow’ (page 29); account of excursion to Scarlet point to investigate igneous rocks by WV Ball (dictated by Thomas McKenny Hughes), including details of Scarlet Point Quarry, dykes, the activities of cows during a lunch rest period, volcanic rocks and a sample of Primulaceae Glaux maritime (page 29); photographs of Peel Castle and Peel Cathedral (3) and sketches of a lady and Mrs Qualtrough at Glen Maye (page 31); photograph of tower at Peel and group (page 32); list of plants found in flower and a letter from James Greer about sale of web (page 33); photographs of group fossil hunting and at rest (2) (page 34); account of excursion to Scarlet point with examination of faults, volcanic rocks, fishing during lunchtime and cricket after tea, and samples of Primulaceae Samolus Valandi (page 35); photographs of the group lunching at Langness and Limestone rocks at Pool-Vash (page 36); account of excursion to Derby Haven to examine conglomerate, including a visit to King William’s College to view their collections, and including a sample of Chenopodiaceae Suaeda Maritima (page 37); photographs of Castletown and bedded Limestone (page 38); a poem by Mary Caroline Hughes called ‘Pat’s trip to the Isle of Man’ (page 39); account of excursion to Pool-Vash by CA Beau to examine Brechiated Knoll limestones with George Lamplugh, including list of fossils obtained and a sample of Crassulaceae Sederm anglicum (page 39); newspaper cuttings from the Isle of Man Times and General Advertiser concerning Tynwald Day Procession and Fair and court proceedings (pages 41-45); a list of land and freshwater mollusca (page 45); telegrams concerning cricket matches between Oxford and Cambridge (pages 47-48); specimen of Cruciferae Senbiera Diadegma (page 48); letter from George Lamplugh to Professor McKenny Hughes concerning an admiralty chart and fossils, 1893; letter from George Lamplugh to Mary Caroline Hughes sending thanks for a volume of American tale and his thoughts about the Isle of Man, 1893 (page 49); a newspaper cutting advertising a play at the Grand Theatre, Douglas (page 49); sample of Liliaceae (page 50); Christmas card from Falcon Nest Hotel (page 51); letter from Elizabeth Dale to Mary Caroline Hughes concerning plants and the meeting at the British Association (page 52); and maps of the Caledonian Railway (page 51). Also including publications by O.Fisher, 1905 and Gertrude Elles, 1904 and a copy of ‘Biology as a factor in the teaching of morals’ by W.Hoskyns Abrahall, 1904.

Administrative / Biographical History

Headquarters were at the Falcons Nest Hotel, Port Erin, Isle of Man. Participants: Thomas McKenny Hughes; Mary Caroline Hughes; George William Lamplugh; Elizabeth Dale; Ethel MR wood; Gertrude Elles; Margaret Crosfield; Sidney Reynolds; WV Bale; Arthur G Tamley; C.A Beau; and Beatrice Taylor.

  • Wednesday June 28th: Castletown bay, Langness.
  • Thursday June 29th: Castletown bay, Scarlet Point.
  • Friday June 30th: Ballasalla.
  • Saturday July 1st: South Barrule.
  • Monday July 3rd: Pool-Vash.
  • Tuesday July 4th: Scarlet Point.
  • Thursday July 6th: Scarlet Point.
  • Friday July 7th: Derby Haven.
  • Saturday 8th July: Pool-Vash.

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This volume is currently closed due to its extremely fragile nature.

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Embrittled & lost spine. Acids and peroxides decaying, migrating into album contents, causing discolouration and decay. [Nicholas Burnett, Conservator, 2011]

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