Uncorrected page proofs

Scope and Content

Page proofs of the issue which have been created by pasting cut up galleys onto A4 sheets with running headers; the page divisions do not always coincide with page divisions in the published version. Some layout instructions have been added by Wells, and there are some minor annotations by Schmidt, but otherwise these proofs have not been corrected. They do not represent a later stage in proofing as they come from the same stage as the galleys above. The page numbering runs 1-63, but is lacking pp. 43-45 (the letters section which had not been set at this stage, and a full-page advertisement). Stored with: proof copies of poems 'Days' [by Powell] and 'Dawn' [by Davis], which are marked as over-matter, and which had been removed from the proofs by this stage; and a Woodspring Press compliments slip.