Collated proofs

Scope and Content

Page proofs of the volume, consisting of the acknowledgements page then the introduction onwards. These have been corrected by Robert Wells in blue ink, who presumably incorporates changes made by Anne Pennington and Ted Hughes on their own proof copies which do not survive here. These proofs do, however, contain emendations in black and in red on pages 101 and 187 which are probably in the hand of Pennington, and may have been incorporated into these proofs from Pennington's own set. Michael Schmidt has also added some notes in blue pencil relating to typesetting. The proofs do not include those pages which in the published version bear part-titles with epigraphs and symbols. The proofs are stored with various additional papers as follows: a photocopy paste-up of the book jacket; typescript preliminary pages for the American edition of the book, to be published by Persea Books of New York; a list of preliminaries for the British edition, compiled by Robert Wells; a letter to Wells from Anne Pennington (26 October 1977), relating to the planned inclusion of Popa's symbols for each of his books; and photocopies of the symbols along with inserts denoting blank pages, taken from the manuscript in /2.


The additional sheets at the front of the file have been numbered 1-24 by the archivist. The proofs themselves have printed page numbers running 1-194, but lacking pages 40-41, 96-97, and 124-125.