Scope and Content

Manuscript of the collection, in the form of ribbon, photocopy and carbon typescripts, with manuscript title page by Middleton. The manuscript is complete apart from contents pages. Middleton has made some minor annotations in black; other markings are largely limited to projected page divisions, probably added by Schmidt. A page of something resembling an early rough proof is inserted before the half-title page for Part 6 of the book.


The archivist has numbered the preliminary pages i-v. Middleton's own foliation then runs 1-91, with the addition of: page 23A inserted before 23; two unnumbered sheets containing the text of 'Berlin/Wittenbergplatz' which were presumably inserted late before folio 25; unnumbered half-titles for Parts 2 (before folio 11), 3 (before 24), 4 (before 37), 5 (before 52), 6 (before 66) and 7 (before 75); rough proof sheet inserted before half-title for Part 6; and three unnumbered pages of notes at the end of the manuscript.