Correspondence and papers

Scope and Content

Bundle of letters and papers principally relating to the Five American poets anthology. Includes: three letters each from John Matthias and Robert Pinsky; two letters from Robert Hass; one letter each from John Peck and James McMichael; various drafts of the book's introduction, which was originally written by Schmidt but subsequently revised by some of the poets represented (includes Schmidt's own notes, as well as redrafts by Pinsky and Matthias); biographical information supplied by the poets included in the anthology, which principally focuses on their studies at Stanford, their poetic influences, and in particular the differing ways in which their work was influenced by Yvor Winters; some letters from publishers relating to copyright permission in anthology poems; a photocopy article by Matthias called 'Berryman the Critic'; and a draft contents list for poems of McMichael, Peck and Pinsky to be included.