Collated proofs

Scope and Content

Page proofs of the book, lacking title and half-title pages. Most of these sheets originally formed Riding's own set of proofs; her corrections appear in black ink. Margaret Hutchinson has made further corrections in green (transferring any additional corrections from her proof-reader's set). Hutchinson has also dated the proofs as collated on 13 December 1979. Additional corrections have been made in blue, probably by Peter Jones; a number of these were made after Hutchinson had finished her collation, as they include corrections listed in letters from Alan Clark [Riding's biographer, who was involved in proof-reading the text] dating from April 1980. The proofs for 'The Life of the Dead' appear to have come from Hutchinson's proof-reader's set as they do not include any corrections by Riding herself; most of the author's page proofs for this section of the book were stored separately (they are now listed in /3), possibly indicating that they were corrected at a different time to the rest of the volume. Additional papers stored with these proofs consist of: two letters from Alan Clark dated 7 and 16 April 1980 in which he encloses lists of corrections and faulty type; and a second copy of his list of corrections.


The archivist has added running numbers i-ix to the additional papers.