Scope and Content

Manuscript of the selection, including title, contents and copyright pages, in the form of an annotated typescript. This has been marked up with printing instructions in two different hands - one of them that of Michael Schmidt, the other unknown (possibly originating at the printing house). Greek text has been added in pencil. Stored with: a form giving instructions on layout and style which has been filled in by Schmidt, signed and dated 28 September 1971; a letter to Schmidt from Marcus Walsh dated 18 November 1971 relating to corrections he has made to the galley proofs, and his desire to see the page proofs as well if possible; and a sheet of instructions on the layout of the 'Let' and 'For' lines of Jubilate Agno compiled by Walsh and originally attached to sheet 9 of the galleys.


The archivist has added running numbers at the top left of each sheet to distinguish them from the original manuscript foliation which is in pencil at the top right of the manuscript itself.