Scope and Content

Manuscript of the book prepared by Roy Edwards which lacks preliminary sheets. The Foreword and English translations are all original typescript, while the French texts have largely been xeroxed from published sources. The manuscript must originally have been stored in a ring binder, and many of the French texts are either pasted onto the verso of the previous sheet, or inserted loose into the text but face down, so that they open opposite the English translation on the recto. Both French and English versions of the poem 'Miracle' are missing, and the English poem entitled 'Agapanthus' in the published version is here called 'African Lily'. Some of the illustrations are represented by xeroxes or rough line drawings, while the photographic plates are not included. The published sources of the poems have been added by hand. Printing instructions have been added in pencil.


The archivist has added running numbers throughout. Where the French texts are included loose and face down they have been left in this arrangement to approximate the way the manuscript was presented.