Scope and Content

Manuscript of the anthology which is foliated throughout by Val Warner. Includes some but not all of the preliminary pages in typescript; folio 4 is missing altogether, and there are duplicate versions of folios 5 and 6 (the contents pages), one copy of which has been amended and additional printing instructions added; the biographies of preachers and introductions to the sermons are also typescripts with some amendments made by Sisson in black pen. The texts of the sermons are photocopies, in varying sizes, taken from published sources. The whole manuscript has been prepared for press by Val Warner, who standardizes, queries and adds printing instructions throughout in pencil and blue ink. Schmidt has made a note of page breaks for typesetting purposes. Where Greek text appears it has been noted in blue, presumably also for typesetting purposes. Stored with an envelope addressed to Carcanet Press, in which folios 313-412 were originally stored.


The Sisson book files from the first accession were rather disorderly, and parts of the English sermon manuscript had been separated - possibly due to the large size of some of the sheets. The manuscript has now been brought together here. As the manuscript was foliated throughout (from 1 to 412), the archivist has not added sheet numbering, although it should be noted that the manuscript is lacking folio 4, and has two copies of each of folios 5 and 6, as well as an additional envelope.