Scope and Content

Manuscript of the issue, in the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts submitted by contributors, many of which have been annotated or signed by their authors. Most of Davie's article 'English and American in Brigflatts' is missing; only a photocopy of page 12 and the footnotes are included here. Tomlinson's artwork is not included, and the letters from Davie and Matthias are also missing. There are two copies of Livingstone's article on Pasternak, one of which is a later revised version. The manuscript includes some additional poems which were not ultimately included in the magazine, as follows: 'Grandmother', 'Phaedra addresses the body of Hippolytus' and 'The Summer Sun' by Davis; 'In the Creggan' by Sisson; 'I Remember' by Boyle; 'Planets' by Barnett; and 'Peter' by Edward Levy. Sisson's article on Coleridge is here called 'In Good Faith'. There are covering letters from: Davis; Barnett (2); Livingstone; Mole; Dibb; Hooker; and Wood (2). At the end of the manuscript are two printed blurbs for Carcanet books by Dudley Young and David Day. Michael Schmidt has marked up the manuscript with page divisions for typesetting, and has carried out some minor editing.


While some of the contributions have internal numbering systems, there was no foliation for printing; the archivist has added running sheet numbers throughout.