Miscellaneous PN Review editorial papers

Scope and Content

Papers which were stored in former box 53 of the archive, although they do not obviously relate to the other PN Review papers stored there. These papers are a mixture of manuscript, proof and supporting administrative papers; the proofs are those of book reviews, which were prepared for press but do not appear to have been published in any issue of the magazine. The papers comprise: 

  • /1 Photocopied extract from Samuel Beckett's novel Company which has been marked up for printing [correspondence in the archive suggests that it was planned to include this pre-publication extract in an issue of the magazine].
  • /2 Printed advertisement mounted on card and presumably intended for inclusion in an issue of the magazine.
  • /3-4 Two galley versions of a review by Neil Powell of Paul Wilkins's Pasts (the later of which is dated July 1980).
  • /5-6 Two galley versions of a review by Michael Vince of three volumes by George Khairallah (the later of which is dated July 1980).
  • /7 Bundle of typescript material relating to scheduling and proofing of issues 12-19 of the magazine.
  • /8 An early publicity leaflet for Carcanet when the press was still based in Oxford, dated 1971.