Dante Alighieri, The divine comedy

Scope and Content

File containing the manuscript of Dante Alighieri's The divine comedy: a new verse translation by C.H. Sisson (Manchester: Carcanet New Press, 1980). The manuscript consists of Sisson's introductory essay 'On Translating Dante' and the entire text of his translation of the 'Inferno', 'Purgatorio' and 'Paradiso'. It takes the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts. There are some emendations which appear to be in Sisson's own hand in black. The manuscript also appears to have been quite extensively edited in another hand, possibly that of Donald Davie, using both black and blue ink. Schmidt has added minor annotations, mainly concerned with typesetting, in blue ink. The title page for the 'Inferno' states that it was originally an unrevised draft dated June 1977; this information has been crossed through with a note indicating that this final revised version was completed in November/December 1978. The introduction appears to have been written later, as this was originally stored in an envelope addressed by Sisson to Margaret Hutchinson postmarked November 1979. Hutchinson was presumably responsible for collating the proofs of the book.


The manuscript does not have any original foliation, and it was originally stapled into sections based on each Canto. The archivist has now added continuous running numbers on each sheet throughout.