Scope and Content

Manuscript of the collection in the form of a ribbon typescript. Includes: additional acknowledgements page which was subsequently superseded; Hooker's own title, dedication, and contents pages; revised acknowledgements page; and poetry texts. The final two poems, 'Birth' and 'Gull on a Post' are not in their published order, so the manuscript concludes with 'Birth'. There is very little mark-up for printing, which indicates that the book was probably typeset in-house. Robert Wells has added foliation throughout in pencil, although some sheets were obviously inserted subsequently at various points and do not form part of the original foliation sequence. These presumably represent poems which were added at a later stage, consisting of 'Rat Island', 'Tertiary Song', 'Under Hordle Cliffs', 'The Water's Edge', 'Holy Rood', and 'Monologue of a Shell'. The first page of the poem 'Postscript' (originally folio 39) is stored with the collated proofs in /3.


As there are a number of inserts, the archivist has added running numbers at the top left corner of each sheet, to distinguish them from the original foliation.