Scope and Content

Manuscript of the issue in the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts submitted by contributors, and James Atlas's essay is a photocopy from a version published in The American Scholar. The manuscript is lacking I.A. Richards's 'Ars Poetica' and there are two copies of Michael Vince's 'Poetry and Polemic'. Many of the contributions have been revised by their authors or translators and a number of them are signed. The book review by Schmidt is a rough draft and differs quite substantially from its published version. The poems by Paul Hyland are accompanied by a covering letter and biographical note. The manuscript of poems by Eugenio Montale includes more poems than the fifteen which were published in PN Review; the additional poems are 'To Leone Traverso', 'Arte Povera', 'Changing Color', 'Hiding Places', 'My Muse', 'The Terror of Existing', 'Kingfisher', 'Annetta' and 'Sorapis, 40 Years Ago'. Aside from the James Atlas essay which has been marked up by Val Warner, there is only minimal mark-up for printing, probably because the piece was typeset in-house at Carcanet, although there are some annotations and queries added by Schmidt.


The contributions were stored in the order in which they appeared, although they had not been foliated. The archivist has added running numbers to each sheet.