Scope and Content

Manuscript of the volume. Half title, title and copyright pages are written in Schmidt's hand, while the note on the author, editorial note and Alan Young's introduction are typescript; the introduction has been edited by Schmidt in green ink. Rickword's essays and reviews have largely been photocopied or otherwise duplicated from their original published sources, although a small number have been freshly typed. In some cases new typed sections have been inserted by cutting and pasting between sections of earlier copied text. The pieces have been quite extensively emended and initialled by Rickword himself, and titles have been supplied in another hand (probably Young's). Printing instructions have been added by Schmidt, and the pencil instructions probably at the printing house. The manuscript is preceded by a note from Michael Schmidt to 'Eric', to whom the manuscript was lent, and an earlier typescript version of the contents pages (content differing from the final published version).


The final article, 'Aristophanes and a Sobered World', had been misfiled with the author's proofs of Rickword's Behind the eyes (at CPA/1/1/1/83/2), as had the Appendix of the volume; the article actually bears original foliation continuing from the preceding article, while the Appendix has no original foliation. The archivist has added running numbering throughout at the top left of each sheet.