Contributors' proofs (incomplete)

Scope and Content

Page proofs of some of the contributions to Poetry Nation V which have been corrected by their authors. Consists of: the poetry contributions from Davie, Chandler, Garfitt, Scupham, Schmidt and Sisson; and essays by Munton, Davie, Paz (corrected by Schmidt who translated the piece from Spanish), Schmidt, Hayman and Jones.


Some of these authors' proofs were stored in separate files of their own which were inserted into the alphabetical sequence of book files. Others had been inserted into book files relating to books by the author concerned. Of the latter, the Davie poems and essay are from CPA/1/1/1/26, the Sisson poems from CPA/1/1/1/103, and Schmidt's poem and essay and Paz essay (translated by Schmidt) from CPA/1/1/1/88.