Scope and Content

An almost complete manuscript of the issue, compiled by David Martin. This lacks the petitions, but consists of all the essays except Wheeler's and all of the quotes except those by Garner, Eliot and Howells. The essays are all typescript or copy typescript (except for Brewer's which is a photocopy of a published essay); they are often annotated or signed, and covering letters are included with those by Mitchell, Warnock, Louth, Young and Pollard. The quotes are in various formats, often original letters which were marked up for printing, and some also include related correspondence giving permission for their use. These are as follows: holograph statements or letters from Murdoch, McCowen, Willcocks, Scofield, Grenfell, Rubbra and Trevor-Roper; typescript statements or signed typescript letters from Taylor, Gardner, Betjeman, Larkin, Robbins, Deller, Pitter, Jackson, Hare, Zwi Werblowski, Tolley and Burniston; and a photocopy of a letter from Michael Foot. Michael Schmidt has added some minor printing directions and page divisions by hand, probably indicating that the proofs were produced in-house at Carcanet. Also includes two holograph letters from George Mackay Brown, one of which had a quote marked for printing in the issue, but which was not ultimately published. There are some further miscellaneous papers at the end of the file.


Some contributions have internal numbering systems but letters and other papers are interspersed throughout; the archivist has added running numbers to each sheet.