Manuscript (incomplete)

Scope and Content

Bundle of papers representing all that remains of the manuscript for this issue of the magazine. It is in typescript or copy typescript form, with annotations, and often with accompanying correspondence. Consists of: Schmidt's editorial; the letters to the editor from Jackson, Ensor, Mason, Elwell, Scott, Bennett and Mole (including further correspondence in some cases relating to permission for the use of the letters in the magazine); an unpublished letter from J.W. Poole; the pieces by Hamburger, Levy, Perloff and Powell (with covering letters); the poems by Graham, Davie, Mills, Creagh, Celan (translated by Hamburger), Brackenbury and Belli (translated by Garioch); the essay by Arkell; and the book review by Mathias (with covering letter). The typescripts for the notes and news section were bundled together separately and have here been placed at the end of the manuscript; included with them is a reproduction of the photograph of Nicholas Born which appeared in the section. At the very end of the manuscript is a photocopy letter from James A. Powell relating to an error in his contribution to issue 11 of the magazine; a correction to this effect was printed in issue 14 on page 13.


The Powell letter and some news cuttings attached to Elwell's letter had been misfiled with other PN Review papers and were only added to this file after it had been catalogued, meaning that they appear out of sequence.