Manuscript (incomplete)

Scope and Content

Manuscript of the issue which is not complete, as indicated by gaps in the original foliation, but includes the contents pages. The manuscript is in the form of ribbon, carbon and photocopy typescripts submitted by contributors; some are annotated or signed. It has been marked up with printing instructions and foliation by Val Warner (who was proofs editor for the issue) in pencil and in red ink; further instructions on typeface and layout were added by the printers. The manuscript contains: all the poetry contributions except those by Gareth Reeves, Peggy Rizza and W.S. Graham; and all the essays except those by Donald Davie, C.H. Sisson and Val Warner. Also includes David Lambourne's interview with Christopher Isherwood; this is included in the main manuscript, but at the end of the manuscript (sheets 171-176) is a small bundle of typescript pages noted as pages omitted from the interview.


The archivist has added running numbers at the top left corner of each sheet, to distinguish this sequence from Warner's original foliation. While most of the manuscript was stored together in Box 52 of the original series, other sections have been taken from authors' book files and inserted back into their original position in the manuscript. These consist of: the poems by Adrian Wright and David Wright, and essays by David Wright and Alan Young (all from David Wright's book file at CPA1/1/1/121); Garfitt poem, from the same author's book file at CPA/1/1/1/33; Sisson poems, from the same author's book file at CPA/1/1/1/103. In addition, the poems by Charles Tomlinson had been misfiled with material relating to Carcanet's book catalogue for 1974-5 (now at CPA/1/1/4/1).