Scope and Content

This is the original typescript or 'manuscript' of the Collected poems in its entirety except for Davie's introduction and Daryush's note on syllabic metre. Not technically an original typescript, this nevertheless represents the first stage in pulling all the contents of the collection together, which formed the basis for the initial typesetting. It is comprised of photocopies of Daryush's poems taken from their earlier published versions, along with photocopy typescripts of additional poems, as well as her note on the metre of 'Air & Variations' as it appeared in the Southern Review (this was not included in the final version of the text). The new poem numbers have been added by hand, along with other minor corrections and typesetting instructions by Michael Schmidt. The new page numbers have also been added by hand at intervals throughout. There are also a very small number of corrections made by Daryush herself in pencil.