Holograph and typescript poems and drafts

Scope and Content

Original folder labelled 'Procris Poems: Manuscripts', signed by Paul Mills, and containing typescript and holograph drafts of poems, the earliest dated examples of which are from 1972. Some of them appear in their final versions in The third person, but some of the material represents earlier working drafts of poems which did not appear. The contents (with sheet numbers) are as follows:

  • 1-2 Typescript poem 'Noarsteg'
  • 3-8 Holograph drafts of different versions of 'Owl' with a fair typescript copy
  • 9-10 Holograph draft and fair typescript copy of untitled poem "The stones dream separately..."
  • 11-12 Holograph draft of untitled poem "Stars are not great sympathisers..."
  • 13-14 Typescript and holograph draft of 'The Perfect Girl'
  • 15 Typescript and holograph draft of 'The Sun'
  • 16 Holograph draft of 'The Last Elm in England'
  • 17 Fair typescript of 'History'
  • 18 Fair typescript of 'Two'
  • 19 Holograph drafts of 'The White Leopard' and 'Flame and Transfiguration'
  • 20 Holograph draft of 'Telephone Box'
  • 21 Holograph draft of 'The Pit'
  • 22 Holograph drafts of various untitled stanzas
  • 23 Holograph draft of 'Hemispheres'
  • 24 Holograph drafts of untitled stanzas
  • 25-42 Holograph and typescript drafts, apparently of the same poem which is given two different titles, 'He and She' and 'An Evening'
  • 43 Holograph draft of 'The Spring'
  • 44 Holograph draft of untitled poem "Rain sodden, damp leaf-mould October mist..."
  • 45 Holograph drafts of 'In a Boat'
  • 46 Fair typescript of 'On the Road'
  • 47 Typescript and holograph draft of 'She Dials'
  • 48 Holograph drafts of 'Procris'
  • 49 Holograph draft of 'The Rock-Flower'
  • 50 Holograph draft of 'Two Boulders'
  • 51 Mills's original folder