Manuscript poems

Scope and Content

Bundle of ribbon typescript poems by Wilkins which were sent for consideration, but which Schmidt opted not to include in the collection; Wilkins left the final decision on contents and arrangement to Schmidt. The poems included in this bundle are as follows (the first five of them forming a sequence): 'Ghosts'; 'Muses'; 'Upstairs at The Queen's'; 'Forecast'; (untitled) "Clouded morning, August."; 'They Do Not Sweat and Whine About Their Condition'; 'Hall of Mirrors'; 'Then'; 'Headlights'; 'Body Politics'; 'Returning to Derry'; and 'A Bride'. Stored with a letter to Schmidt from Wilkins (dated 19 October 1978) relating to these poems, some others sent at the same time (which were included in the collection), and his thoughts on their ordering.