Scope and Content

Author's manuscript in the format of a photocopy typescript; a first draft of this was submitted to Schmidt in August 1974 (see letter at CPA/2/1/10/35). Schmidt commented in detail on this (inn letter CPA/2/1/10/44) and Buchanan revised the text and omitted a number of poems in the light of Schmidt's criticism. This typescript is, therefore, already a revised version. Some of Schmidt's editorial suggestions had been made in black ink on an earlier version, which was subsequently photocopied to form part of this manuscript. This typescript therefore bears some corrections and alterations in black (by Schmidt and possibly also by Buchanan); Schmidt has also added some printing directions in black. Page breaks have been indicated in blue pencil by the typesetter, and Val Warner has marked up the preliminary pages in red ink. The typescript is stored with: original and carbon typescript notes from Warner to Carcanet; and two letters to Schmidt from Buchanan dated 2 November 1975 and 2 July 1976 relating to the proofs and supplying a blurb for the book jacket.