Editor's proofs

Scope and Content

Rough proofs which take the form of the galleys (as in CPA/1/1/1/20/3) cut up and photocopied onto A4 sheets, which means that some of the lyrics appear more than once. Thomas Crawford has corrected these throughout in red and green ink. The proofs lack the 'Index of known authors' which appears at the end of the volume and the majority of Crawford's preface. At the top of the bundle are corrected proofs of other poems omitted from these author's proofs which must have been sent to Crawford subsequently for his correction and approval; these consist of: two copies of poem 126; two copies of poems 142-4; and one extra copy of 147 (from which five stanzas were omitted in the main proof). With a covering letter from Crawford to Michael Schmidt dated 25 March 1976. C[arole] R[eeves] has added a note to the effect that the changes were collated on the marked proofs on 26 March.