Scope and Content

This is a typescript of an earlier version of the anthology, which was later superseded by the typescript listed in /2. Includes: a first draft of the planned contents of the volume; an early version of Lindsay's introduction which has been corrected by hand (both of these documents were sent to Schmidt ahead of the rest of the material, and had been received by May 1975); a revised list of contents (reflecting the order of the poems included here); a photocopy of a revised version of the introduction (which differs from the published version); and the poems themselves. The latter are in the form of photocopies of published versions of the poems which have been cut out and pasted onto larger, uniform-sized pages. Names of the poets have been added by hand. The contents differ from the published version: some poems included here were later excluded, and further poems were also subsequently added. Robin Fulton's work is not represented at all in this version.