Collated galley proofs

Scope and Content

Photostat galley proofs of the anthology. These are in varying sizes and in many cases different sections have been sellotaped together. These proofs were presumably sent to the copy-editor, while the A4 photocopy version above (at /2) was sent to Thomas Crawford. These have been corrected throughout; most of Crawford's corrections have been incorporated and many more have also been added. Green ink has been used to make additions and to correct errors which were not originated by the printers but were simply reproduced from Crawford's manuscript. Other alterations and corrections have been made using blue and red ink. Attached to sheet 14 is an extract taken from folio 34 of Crawford's manuscript, the text of which had been omitted by the printers; similarly at one point a section cut from folio 164 of the manuscript had been attached to sheet 76 of these galleys, but has since become detached and lost. Sheets 51-52 are pages taken from the manuscript because the galleys omitted lyric 112 which appeared on these pages. The proofs are stored with a covering note from Mackays.