Scope and Content

Manuscript of the volume which takes the form of photocopied typescripts, photocopies from publications, and one original typescript poem. It consists of: the 'Translator's Introduction' [published as Pennington's 'Translator's Preface']; acknowledgements and notes on contents pages; photocopy of the contents page of Far within us, taken from a publication in the original Serbo-Croat; all the translated poetry texts and concluding historical notes. The poem called 'Peace-Bearing Song' in the published version is here given as 'Song of the Myrrh-Bearing Women'. There are minor emendations and notes made in pencil in the hand of Robert Wells. Schmidt has added minimal typesetting annotation.


The three initial sheets have been numbered i-iii by the archivist, and the bulk of the manuscript bears its original foliation, which begins at folio 3. Some of the sheets are missing; these are the pages which would have been devoted to part-titles and epigraphs, along with Popa's visual symbols for each book; these are now with the collated proofs in /3 below. The missing pages are as follows: 52-54, 100-101, 158-159, 201-202, 250-251, and 289-290.