Scope and Content

Manuscript of the entire volume. Typescript preliminary sheets have been added by Carcanet. Nye's editorial matter (foreword, introduction, biographies, bibliographies, section introductions and notes) is in ribbon typescript form, and Nye has heavily corrected and edited the material by hand. The texts of the sermons have been photocopied from earlier printed sources. The manuscript has been marked up for printing, probably by Val Warner, giving instructions for layout and making minor stylistic changes to the text.


Originally sheets 59, 67, 78, 213 and 214 were stored in a separate bundle. A note on folio 59 implies that they were removed for the purpose of checking Greek text included on them. They have now been integrated back into the main sequence, and the small card with Greek notes which was with them remains attached to folio 59. The manuscript was foliated throughout, probably by Val Warner, and the foliation runs from 1 to 365, although there are in fact 369 pieces of paper. Extra folios are: 53A (inserted after 53), 57A (following 57), extra card attached to folio 59, and unnumbered sheet added between folios 280 and 281.