Scope and Content

Manuscript of the volume: the first section of poems from Chausseen, Chausseen has been extracted from Hamburger's 1972 Carcanet publication, East German poetry; the English translations of poems forming the second section are original typescripts; and the German poems from the second section were supplied to the printer in the form of a German book, which would have had the relevant pages foliated as part of the typescript sequence by Warner, but which is not included in the file. The manuscript has been marked up for printing - largely in pencil - by Warner, with some additional annotation originating at the printing house. Preliminary pages and a sheet of printer's instructions have been added by Warner, and there are two sheets of printer's notes relating to the setting of the German text.


Archivist's sheet numbering is in the top left-hand corner to distinguish it from Warner's original foliation of the manuscript.